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Each month Pastor shares his thoughts with a “Word from the Pastor” section in our printed bulletin. We wanted to post them here for you to enjoy as well!

JUNE 2023

When the U.S. Army approached TV and radio producer Ralph Edwards in 1948 to “do something” for paraplegic soldiers at Birmingham General Army Hospital in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, he didn’t realize the impact. Edwards chose a “particularly despondent young soldier and hit on the idea of presenting his life on the air, in order to integrate the wreckage of the present with his happier past and the promise of a hopeful future.” He included family members, friends, and others who had affected his or her life in narrating a “capsule narrative” of the soldier’s life. He received such positive public feedback that he developed This Is Your Life as a new radio show.

These next four weeks mark a time when we are encouraged, yea, have a duty, to express honor, respect and appreciation for specific people. I just performed my mother’s eulogy and funeral last weekend, so it is fitting to remember one’s life and their contributions.

· Memorial Day: Of course, today marks our official Memorial Day weekend. It distinguishes itself from Veterans Day, Armed Forces Day and Flag Day, as it commemorates those that did not come home alive (including MIA), although they were members of one (Armed Forces) and became the other (Veteran). Rather than displaying their flag on Flag Day, they returned home wrapped in one. Let us never forget their sacrifice and that of their families.

· Graduation: June 11, 6:30 PM marks our end of year celebration of Academy graduates, and it is fitting to congratulate them (and others in our extended families) and honor them.

· Father’s Day: June 18, 11 AM service will be one of respect and honor for sure. This is such a pivotal acknowledgment as fathers in general, and our Father God beyond that, are so foundational to the strength and health of our homes, culture, and civilization. This is not to disrespect women, but the broad expanse of human history is replete with the sacrifices and leadership of men and fathers for their children, families, homes, tribes and countries.

Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer as well. While maximizing family time during the warm months, we need to remember the lost as well!


Life Stage Sunday School

For all ages.


Birth – 2yrs old.

Teen Group and Class

Ages 12 – 19.

Mens/Ladies Meetings

Casual times of fellowship, breakfast, and practical challenge.

Childrens Ministries

An age approriate children’s program that takes place during our normal church services.

Seniors Fellowships

A casual time of fellowship, singing, fun, and a wonderful meal followed by a practical Biblical challenge.

Prayer Meetings

A casual time of fellowship, singing, fun, and a wonderful meal followed by a practical Biblical challenge.


Visiting shut-ins, the sick, and getting the Gospel out in our community.


The Friendliest Church In Town

Center Road Baptist Church is an independent Baptist church founded in August, 1966 by Pastor Barney Lee, with his wife, Lillian, and their three children, Kenny, Patty and Jenny, by his side. Upon graduating from Bible College while still in Michigan, Dr. Lee originally had planned on going to Chicago to start a church, hearing it was a needy area. He believed God closed that door, so, upon hearing Buffalo, NY was also a needy place, he decided to investigate further.

Dr. Lee followed his calling and on July 4th, 1966, the Lee family moved from Pontiac, Michigan to West Seneca, New York. On August 14th, the church began in the Odd Fellows Hall, 104 Aurora Avenue, under the name Buffalo Baptist Temple. Ten months later, the building was greatly damaged by fire caused by a teenage gang and it became necessary to change locations. For over three years, the church met in the Masonic Temple at Main and Mill streets. In 1968, the church purchased 6 6/8 acres of land on Center Road in West Seneca and, as Pastor Lee wanted a name that would identify its location more, changed the name to Center Road Baptist Church.

Many notable miracles took place in establishing the church, building the new building, establishing a school, and overcoming overwhelming opposition from both outside and sadly, inside as well. Dr. Lee recorded many of these precious and powerful incidents in his booklet, Remembering the Miracles. On Palm Sunday, 1971, the church moved into the new building on Center Road. Sunday School classes met on the lower level of the building on a crushed stone floor. The upper level had only a plywood subfloor and the only heating system was an overhead garage-type heater.

By 1973, the average weekly attendance was 325! Nine bus routes had developed, which brought in most of the people. In September of that same year, the Day Care began and in 1974, the Center Road Christian Academy was born. The goals of the ministry were to reach families and provide for their needs. Additionally, the church supported twenty missionaries and six home mission projects!

In 1995, nearly thirty years after starting the church, Pastor Lee became the Pastor Emeritus and Pastor Bill Livermore became the new pastor. His wife is Mrs. Jenny (Lee) Livermore, Pastor Lee’s daughter. He was pastoring a small church in Buffalo, and, when they came to Center Road with their two sons, Bill and Sam, they brought several of the people from that church with them. The Livermore family was at Center Road for twenty years, in which time three other churches were established in: Bradford, PA, Warren, PA, and Salamanca, NY.

The pastor of the Salamanca work – Center Street Baptist Church, was Ed Darling. In 2016 he and his wife Rita assumed the leadership of Center Road once Bro. Livermore resigned and took the pastorate in Warren, PA. In turn, Bro. Darling’s son-in-law assumed the pastorate of Center Street. After two years, Bro. Darling, struggling with health issues, resigned the pastorate and, after the deacons led the church for some time, welcomed Robert Perrotti on as Interim Pastor in October of 2019.

The history of Center Road Baptist is still being written. What Pastor Lee called the “Friendliest Church in Town” has a renewed mission of “Speaking the Truth in Love”! We strive to be and do those things in truth and are always excited for the opportunity of new folks to experience them.


Fulfilling the Great Commission

We have an active missions program where folks give by faith over and above their tithe to support those who have dedicated their lives to serve God in the area of missions. We also have a missions conference each year where we try to give missionaries a platform to present their work and increase their support.


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